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Sarah: A Garden Update August 31, 2013

Folks, it is, in fact, possible to plant too many tomatoes.


I have an inordinate love of tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes straight off the vine.  I even love the like-nothing-else-in-this-world smell of tomato plants.  I’ve already begun thrusting a leafy tomato plant frond right under Little Bear’s nose and saying, “Smell that?  That’s the smell of summer!”  I figured we couldn’t go wrong planting a lot of little plants–after all, I was sure to accidentally kill at least one or two.


However, when you can see a ripe tomato somewhere in dense tomato thicket but it takes you ten minutes to find said tomatoes, you might have put too many plants in one small space.

our tomato thicket

our tomato thicket

The butternut and cucumber tendrils are so tightly intertwined I’d swear they’re coming out of the same plant.  The squash is wildly proliferating into the tomatoes, while the tomato plants sneak into the basil.  I guess our garden looks a bit like our life right now–all the different demands wildly overgrowing the borders we try to put in place, so lush with blessings we don’t have the time to appreciate and cultivate each one.


I’m just trying to take this last, hot burst of summer one day at a time and not let too many cucumbers rot on the vine!

the squash runneth over

the squash runneth over


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