Suburban Pioneers

The Adventures and Misadventures of Homesteading in 21st-Century America

About the Blog September 15, 2012

The name “Suburban Pioneers” comes from an Indigo Girls song, “Dirt and Dead Ends,” and the quote is: “Yeah, it’s been you and me on this frontier / Trying not to be suburban pioneers.” When we heard the song, though, it struck us that suburban pioneers was exactly what we were trying to be…partly out of a stab at conscientiousness with more sustainable living, and partly out of a stubborn belief that, darn it, we should be able to make/do that thing ourselves instead of buying it (yes, to hear our families tell it, we are frugal…or tightfisted cheapskates if they’re feeling less generous).  The sheer ridiculousness of the situations that arise when we do try to do or  make things ourselves was what drove us to write this blog.  Because, after all, failures are much less depressing if we laugh about them.  Hopefully you laugh, too, and who knows?  Maybe now and then you’ll be inspired to try something new (and master that something new by avoiding all the mistakes we have detailed here)!


One Response to “About the Blog”

  1. cathy Says:

    Sarah and Lauren…. love your blog!!! So real and funny… cant wait to read a post about cloth diapering adventures and making baby food… how about canning…. I remember a grape jelly incident…. love you both!!!

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