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Lauren: Vertical Gardening: A Pea Trellis April 24, 2014

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I’m really excited about our new pea trellis!



It’s great because we used the tiny space next to our driveway, we’re sheltering the house from the hot summer sun (maybe we’ll plant peas all the way around our house and lower our air conditioning bill!), and we didn’t use up any of our precious backyard garden space.




Dave took some scrap wood and nailed it together to form a raised bed. Then he nailed three other pieces together for the sides and top of the trellis. We wrapped wire around the top bar and through poultry staples nailed in the bottom piece of wood, so the peas will have something to climb. I was the master painter.

The seed looked like a dried, shriveled-up pea when I planted it. And now it looks like this:

happypeaplantHappy pea plant.



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