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Lauren: DIY Double-Layer Infinity Scarf January 7, 2014

My husband was getting rid of two shirts. The white one was a little stained and the blue one showed off his sexy belly when he raised his arms (why he didn’t want to keep wearing it, I don’t know). I rescued them from the goodwill bag. They had a higher purpose.

Here’s the process:

Step One: Find two shirts wherever you can: your drawers, your spouse’s drawers (I guess I should say bureau so there is no confusion, but who says that?), or thrift stores. Take the shirt off your husband’s back, if you have to. This project is soo easy!


The shirts were size medium, which turned out a little small for me to wrap around my neck twice. I recommend useing size large or extra large shirts for adult scarves.

Step Two: Cut the shirts. Cut horizontally underneath the armpits and right above the bottom seam.



Step Three: You should be left with two tubes. Layer them. Place one t-shirt tube inside the other one, wrong sides together (make sure you can see both nice sides). The ends will naturally roll, so don’t worry about people seeing the raw edges. You can decide which color you’d like to be the dominate one by placing it on the outside.

Step Four: Find a model, preferably one that’s in a phase where he likes to make funny faces for the camera.

DSCN2123 DSCN2122 DSCN2121

Goes well with the Buckeyes shirt, right? Well, you get the idea.



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